In the recent years, we’ve seen both Adidas and Nike have a crack at creating the perfect skate shoe with the appearance of the Stan Smith and the Flyknit, however is seems that Vans remain the brand to beat in skating footwear with their latest edition of Sk8 Hi’s. Vans have been providing skaters with the ultimate sneaker since ’66, with the perfect blend of comfort and practicality whilst riding, because of this, Vans have become a critically acclaimed name in streetwear fashion.

However, 50 years on from their establishment, these shoes are far more than just skate shoes. Vans have adapted their products well to stay in touch with the latest streetwear fashion in order to remain current. Although they still have the quality of shoe designed so perfectly for skaters, due to wide recognition from collaborations with everyone from Marc Jacobs to Tyler the Creator, Vans have widened their audience and the brand has became a household name. I mean, every single one of us must have own a pair of Vans shoes at some point, whether we are skaters or not.


This season’s collection includes these hugely stylish, suede/canvas sneakers with a rear zip coming in the latest colourway trends such as Ivy green. This once again refreshes the image of the Sk8 Hi, giving the 50 year old shoe a current image and impressively finds a middle-ground between the skate shoe and the smart sneaker. You can find these and more, in store and on line by mid August.