For The Driven Video Launch

For The Driven Video Launch

October 2020. MUSTARD Clothing drops its inaugural brand campaign. It’s called ‘For The Driven’ and it celebrates all those who have a dream, who work at developing their craft, who drive on through adversity and who, ultimately, deliver when it matters.

Tracking the story of one little boy who finds a discarded rugby ball in his back yard, it shows him practising his skills as a teenager, building his strength as an adult, fighting through hard times and, finally, making a game-winning kick.

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In this article for The Sauce, we spoke to the video’s producer, Simon Vincent from X-CMO who took us through the video’s own journey from concept to creation.


So, what was the inspiration behind this video, Simon?

“In the short time that MUSTARD has been in existence, the company’s owners, Tom and Jack have done an amazing job of developing a community of like-minded people who understand not just the quality of their products, but also the story that brought MUSTARD into being. 

“In creating this video, we really wanted to tap into that community, to understand the things that matter to them and mirror that back. So, we took a look through our Instagram feed at people tagging themselves with #MExMUSTARD and we noticed some clear trends.

“First, we saw that a lot of people who love MUSTARD also love their sport. That was always going to be the case, given that we’re an athleisure brand. But, on top of that, we noticed a few other things that were, perhaps, less obvious.

“For example, so many people who wear MUSTARD also have entrepreneurial projects and passions. That was interesting to us. And we loved reading about how our customers take so much pride in the things they’re building.

“It’s the same pride that they take in being the best parents they can be – our third trend. A lot of our customers work hard at being good Mums and Dads – it’s the most important thing in the world to them – and that passion shines through their social posts.

“So, we looked at all of that and we realised one thing connected all these different people and their passions. They were all driven to do something. They revel in having a project that they can commit time and energy to; they love the struggle as they learn on the job and they’re not afraid to share that journey with the world – the good, the bad and the ugly.

“That’s when we realised that MUSTARD is for the driven and that’s why we decided to take just one of those trends and tell it’s story as we see it.”


Tell us about the shoot…

“Man, the shoot was hectic. Three locations across two days, travelling practically the length of Cornwall to get all three of our actors shot in the time we had available, and there might have been a late night and an early morning in there too! 

“We used an amazing film maker, Chris Karageorgiou, who’s won awards working with brands like Red Bull and BMW. He’s an absolute visionary and even ended up crawling on someone’s roof to get a light set up at one point.

“Fortunately, Redley (our child actor), Frankie (teenager) and Chris (adult) were amazing and fought through the changing weather and multiple costume changes to get us across the line.

“I will admit that I may have bribed one of them with Jelly Babies at one point just to keep them sweet but I won’t reveal which one.”


How do you feel the final video’s turned out?

We all think it’s epic! In Tom’s own words, it ‘blew his dick off’! 

“But in all seriousness, I think the real proof of how effective it is will be in how MUSTARD customers and fans react to it. We really want the video to start a conversation. We want to hear what MUSTARD fans are #DrivenTo do; what keeps them awake at night and gets them out of bed in the morning. Hopefully, elements of this video will resonate with them and inspire them to share their passions with us.

“We’re hoping they engage with our posts on social media and – if they do - maybe we’ll take inspiration from their stories in future content we create for MUSTARD.”


Are there more videos on the horizon?

“Who knows! We certainly hope so. Keep an eye on our socials and we’ll keep fans in the loop.”



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