About Mustard

MUSTARD’s is a story spun on Cornish shores. Where the sprit and energy of unbridled exploration abounds. In a county famous for its pirating past, the omnipresent ocean evokes our own watery Wild West. The indigenous Outsider-mentality informed by our outcrop-dwelling existence.

MUSTARD’s is a ballad borne of familial bonds. A father’s obsession entrusted to the next generation. And the next. Knowledge imparted. Passion passed on. Elements overcome; miles manoeuvred by land, sea and air. Clothes crafted and designed as traditions from Europe and South East Asia combined.

MUSTARD’s is a narrative woven by a union of wills. Founders Tom and Jack – individual pioneers both – forging new furrows together. Their shared aspiration; affording armour to the ambitious. Threads to combat the threats brought on by standing out. Warm-down wear after the daily battle to be the best you can be.

And so to you.

MUSTARD is a song sung by those who ‘suit up’ every day. It’s the mantra you tell yourself in the morning. The words winding through your mind as you go to sleep at night. It is a narrative without end; a lyric that lives on through being hummed amongst friends.

You see, MUSTARD is not a diatribe. It is a dialogue. An experience to be shared, an exploration in self-expression. It’s sun and saltwater bleaching your hair, the smell of beach fires and the Atlantic breeze on your skin.

Undeniable. Elemental. Essential.

It’s not about MUSTARD.

It’s about the #MExMUSTARD movement.

Join us.